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For Recovering Tomboys: How To Be More Fashionable.

Are you a tomboy?

Wikipedia describes a tomboy as, “A girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of the gender role of a boy, including the wearing of typically masculine-oriented clothes and engaging in games and activities that are often physical in nature, and which are considered in many cultures to be the domain of boys.”

Sound familiar? Or are you getting flashbacks of your childhood?

Good. Let’s get started.

First, I want to say that I was very much a tomboy. I appreciated pink, but also mud, bugs, and being outside 24/7. This time in my life was cut short at thirteen when I developed rheumatoid arthritis and had to stay inside all of the time. I remember receiving a basket of makeup and wondering how I was supposed to know what to do with it. I made the mistake of putting roller ball perfume on my lips. So, makeup and I had a rough start.


If you’re interested in becoming more skilled in makeup, know that it does not take an artist to accomplish this. It’s all based on knowledge and repetition. However, the one thing I’ve recognized in recovering tomboys is that they sincerely want to understand makeup, but are too overwhelmed to actually try. Does the thought of walking into Sephora scare you? Read on, my friend… If I really wanted to know more about football, my brother would gladly help me (makeup artists are nice and will treat you the same). He would explain all rules of the game and then test my knowledge. It would seem confusing and too much at first, but eventually I’d come to understand it and impress all future boyfriends. (side note to my future boyfriends: I really don’t like football. I play videogames. I don’t know what else you want from me.) It’ll take time, but you will get it and this will become an easy and quick way to glam up your gym shorts.

Pick a part of your face you want to work on. It may be you want to even out your skin tone or perfect your eye liner technique.. or learn what eye liner is for. My best advice is to go to a local department store or MAC, if you have one. MAC cosmetics and I have had a longtime love affair so just tell them I sent you. Tell the nice lady that you are new to makeup and want to learn the basics. They will indulge you because they want you to buy their products. Take advantage of this. Do not be self-deprivating while you’re under their brush. They are fully aware that you are a newbie. Just soak in the information and don’t say that you’ll never be able to do this. Also: you don’t have to buy their products. Buy what you think you can handle. Baby steps!

My second best advice is to go to Youtube and search for tutorial videos. Most makeup artists do this to show you “fun looks”, but I have use this for years on how to achieve perfect eyeshadow combo for my eyes. Just search “how to put on foundation” or something like that. badda boom, you’re on your way!

My third best advice: stay away from glitter. Unless you’re trying to look as classy as Ke$ha, do not go there. Just.. don’t.


I’m afraid to say hair is the most important. You can have an amazing outfit and perfect makeup, but your hair can ruin everything. I am a victim of this quite often. The next time you get your hair cut, get it styled. I would suggest you keep your hair long because that is way easier to style than short hair. Simple hair solution is to invest in a straightener. They can smooth out your hair into a sleek look and it usually takes less than ten minutes. Got straight hair? Use a large round brush and blow dry your ends. I don’t have a lot of suggestions because I’m not great with hair. I have four styles that I can achieve and I rotate according to how much time I have. But I will say: youtube tutorials for this will save your life. I learned how to curl my hair that way.


Don’t roll your eyes at me! Look at your shoes and tell me that you’d cry if you lost them. I can tell you that about six pairs of shoes I own. Just to be clear, my brother would cry if he lost a couple pairs of his shoes. It’s not girly, it’s quality. In a realistic sense, shoes are extremely important. You want them to look cool, but you also want them to stay nice for a long time.

What to invest in:

If you refuse to wear heels, I hear you, but you have to have a ballet flat. These shoes are simple and are a perfect way to not take away from a nice outfit. And HELLO, they’re comfy.

If you are a recovering tomboy, you most definitely love sneaks. Get comfy sneakers that also look cool. Black suede Pumas, Toms or Converses. Converses do not necessarily define cool, but they are an acceptable every day shoe. Separate your nice sneakers from the ones you play basketball or work out in.

BOOOOOTS. Boots are the best!! A good pair of boots in the fall/winter time with good hair = perfect day. It’ll make you feel wonderful. Trust me. Boots are more expensive than anyone wants them to be, but a quality leather boot will last you for years. Choose wisely, my friend. And don’t wear them with gym shorts.


Okay, this is where I am still a recovering tomboy. I have cute outfits, but I don’t usually wear them. I always choose comfy over cute. Right now, I am wearing a videogame shirt with camo thermal and jeans. I love being comfy.

Rule 1: Sweatshirts are all the tomboy rage, but they make you look frumpy and are not flattering at all. I own a lot of sweatshirts, but I try not to wear them out.

Rule 2: Socks and soccer sandals. Don’t get me started.

Rule 3: Gym shorts are called gym shorts for a reason. They are not called library shorts or shopping shorts. Ya heard?

If you don’t know how to put a cute outfit together then I have some great news for you: you don’t have to. You can go to stores or websites and they’ve done it for you! They do this so that you’ll see how cute everything is and want to buy everything. My suggestion, if you’re living on a student budget or something like it, is to go to websites like and see what you like. Then go search for cheaper alternatives. This seems like a lot of work, but once people compliment you on how you look, you’ll seethe with joy. In a good way.

If you have any questions, Google it. Or my tweeter is ohheytay. But I’ll probably just tell you to Google it.

And now for something unrelated: here’s some pumpkins I carved.