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The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Puppies In Your Cup

Happy Saturday!


The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Blogosphere! I have returned. I realize that my absence was a fairly long one and I do apologize. You see, I’ve been really busy!

Okay.. So maybe I was not 100% honest in that statement. It’s no excuse, but you see life became instantaneously crazy. Tons of photo shoots and projects and you’re working and your brother is having a baby and you start to love run-on sentences. Also, it’s not my fault Modern Warfare 3 is amazing.

Instead of going into explicit detail about why I haven’t blogged, I thought I’d make up ten reasons as to what I was doing instead.

1. I was busy watching March of the Penguins on repeat.

Note: This actual did happen once.

2. I was busy decorating for Christmas!!

Tree is a little small this year.

3. I was busy reading other people’s blogs!

hahhaa just kidding. i don't read.

4. I was busy watching my crazy neighbor add new lights to their house every day.

tinselitis is bad this year

5. I was busy matching my socks.

Note: They are matching. They're both $1 from Target. It counts.

5. I was busy realizing I was a weird looking baby.

This is my first stocking. awww alien baby's first christmas!

6. I was busy kissing the ice.

I'm not lying when I say someone farted at this very moment.

7. I was busy taking sweet berry shots, okay?!!

sweet berry shot, bro

8. I was busy eating sushi.

I'm not sure how this constitutes as an excuse either, but it was delicious.

9. I was busy taking care of needy dog 1 & 2.

cute little noodles

10. I was busy missing my weird friends.

Family portrait 2010



Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals.

Here’s a secret obsession of mine..

From the authors of Grandma’s Dead and Why is Daddy In A Dress?, Amanda McCall & Ben Schwartz, I present you with Maybe Your Leg Will Grow Back! These books that started out as a joke have become a small love of mine. And by small, I mean gigantic. The books are full of postcards that have cute baby animals and one line of bad news. I’ve selected a few of my favourites. You can buy these books in bookstores, Urban Outfitters, and of course,

What’s Wrong With You?

Imagine, if you will, a girl in a class room full of computers. There are two rows of computers, which come together like a V to the professor’s desk. The girl is sitting towards the back of the class. She is not listening to the lecture about line photographs. No, instead she is surfing the web for who was the best on Dancing With The Stars. But there is this person next to her. A tall person. They are intently listening to the professor speak about lines and how to draw in the eye. But I am pretty sure they are watching me check to see if Fall Out Boy really broke up. And that really freaks me out. So, I am going to take the normal route. I’m going to look at them every three seconds and then back to my monitor. If they look away, I’ll repeat these steps. But when they stare at me, I’m going to smile. Oh, and I’m going to look like this:

Calling the girl next to me Michele Bachmann was a low blow, but for two hours she whipped her eyes back and forth, she whipped her eyes back and forth at me. And then when I held her gaze as if to ask, “What’s wrong with you?” she smiled a HUGE CREEPY SMILE.

Needless to say, I will not be late to class again.


Shut up,


Hey Guys.. It’s Me Again.

Today I received a text saying, “Remember when you had a blog? I do.” And I realized that all of these blog posts I have started and loathed, I probably should’ve posted one of them.. Anyways, I’m back and I downloaded an app for my phone so I will post pictures and tweet their existence. Never before has a sentence brought you so much excitement!!

Before I give you an update, look at the top of my dresser! I am kinda in love with it & I don’t kno why. I love the Wicked poster, but it is so damn shiny that I couldn’t take a picture without light smacking me back in the lens. I have some of my nice perfumes I have collected out and of course my life saying, “Life every week like it’s shark week.” One of those three cameras is an actual camera. The other two are either: a piece of wood or a pencil sharpener. And there is also a three inch, three terabyte external hard drive hiding there somewhere. That goes with me everywhere.

A lot has happened since we left off. I started eight new medications for my arthritis, including chemo. They are working tremendously better than what I was on before. To be honest, it was a really rough summer so I am welcoming this less painful life style with open arms. I am probably more excited about taking chemo than you think I would be. Before I was taking a drug called Leflunomide, which works similarly to methotrexate (chemo), and it caused me to lose a lot of hair. I have always had a lot of hair. A lot a lot. And I lost about half of it. It should not be a big deal then, right? Wrong. I started to see my scalp when I pulled my hair back and then I started to see it when it was down… that was that. Apparently I can deal with a lot, but hair loss is not one of them.

We just really love each other.

On a happier note, I traveled to Boston to visit my brother and his wife. It was so good to see them and I had a lotta fun… except all of my pictures that I have mostly involve food. I really love traveling and I usually have crazy stories when I fly, but everything seemed to go smoothly this time. Once, when I was on my way home, I was in an airport in Tennessee. I was riding a little shuttle to my plane and all of a sudden the shuttle driver slammed on the breaks and turned a sharp left. I was standing and holding onto a pole and almost fell out. Apparently, there was a plane… and we almost collided. On the bright side, I got a free meal voucher.

Thirdly and lastly, I started a new college this week. I am majoring in Photography which is a little different than Biology, but I am so excited. I love my teachers. I love that we only use iMacs. I love the opportunities this college is going to be giving me to showcase myself. It seems a little too good to be true when you realize you can have a career doing what you have a passion for. Hopefully as my photography improves, so will my blog.

Thanks for reading! If you didn’t like it, shut up.


The Calm Before The Storm

Pictured with Sydney. She is longingly watching Jack eat his breakfast.

Jack appreciating the sundried tomato, basil & egg white bagel I had this morning.

We are about to have a huge party tonight, which means it has been nothing but stressful & doing things I don’t understand for the past week. For example, yesterday I cleaned the house for the cleaning ladies to come today. I don’t know why we have to clean for people to clean, but I’d rather that than face a menopausal argument.

Anyways, it is quiet. I’m outside drawing signs on the back deck and enjoying the early fall weather. Right now it is 79! 79 glorious degrees fahrenheit. I’m drawing a picture of Abe Lincoln playing the guitar with a caption saying, “Sign Here!” – makes sense, right? I was only told to create “fun drawings” for the signs.. There will be many pictures from the party and I’ll explain a little more about it later.

I’m going to write a review on Dead Island sometime soon. It was an adventure buying it and it would be a waste not to share. Also, I have a few things to say about this game versus other zombie games. But don’t worry, I’ll always warn you when I’m about to nerd everywhere. Okay I have to enjoy this peace and quiet before a couple hundred people show up..

Did I say anything of value today? Nope!