The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Blogosphere! I have returned. I realize that my absence was a fairly long one and I do apologize. You see, I’ve been really busy!

Okay.. So maybe I was not 100% honest in that statement. It’s no excuse, but you see life became instantaneously crazy. Tons of photo shoots and projects and you’re working and your brother is having a baby and you start to love run-on sentences. Also, it’s not my fault Modern Warfare 3 is amazing.

Instead of going into explicit detail about why I haven’t blogged, I thought I’d make up ten reasons as to what I was doing instead.

1. I was busy watching March of the Penguins on repeat.

Note: This actual did happen once.

2. I was busy decorating for Christmas!!

Tree is a little small this year.

3. I was busy reading other people’s blogs!

hahhaa just kidding. i don't read.

4. I was busy watching my crazy neighbor add new lights to their house every day.

tinselitis is bad this year

5. I was busy matching my socks.

Note: They are matching. They're both $1 from Target. It counts.

5. I was busy realizing I was a weird looking baby.

This is my first stocking. awww alien baby's first christmas!

6. I was busy kissing the ice.

I'm not lying when I say someone farted at this very moment.

7. I was busy taking sweet berry shots, okay?!!

sweet berry shot, bro

8. I was busy eating sushi.

I'm not sure how this constitutes as an excuse either, but it was delicious.

9. I was busy taking care of needy dog 1 & 2.

cute little noodles

10. I was busy missing my weird friends.

Family portrait 2010




About ohheytay

A girl of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by her mystery.

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